Galvanic_fillings_teeth_image-289x300 Do you have crowns, metal partial dentures or metal fillings in your mouth? If so, there may be a process occurring in your mouth that you are not aware of, but should be. One of the biggest potential factors you should be aware of is oral galvanic currents, or “galvanic toxicity.”

Although you may not have heard of them before, galvanic currents, also known as elector-galvanism, occurs when two or more different metals exist in the salt-water environment of your mouth at once. Your mouth’s constant production of saliva creates this salt-water environment, and the differing metals within said environment are what create the existence of oral galvanic currents. When this condition exists, you can find measurable amounts of electric energy coming from both the fillings and crowns, which can create considerable negative effects in your body, especially in the central nervous system and brain.

Galvanic Toxicity

Ridding your mouth of these dangerous currents is of utmost importance. Galvanic currents can exist between all kinds of different metals in your mouth’s environment, including metal crowns, metal pins, silver filling, bands/retainers, brackets, and more. If you want to keep your mouth in a health, non-current having state, it is important to have all such metal materials checked regularly to see if they can possibly be removed. Doing so is the best way to help prevent unwanted galvanic toxicity.

Replacing the metal dental instruments in your mouth with non-metal ones can provide a great solution. Non-metal restorative materials such as direct/indirect composite resins and ceramic devices are the most commonly used alternatives. Having just one type of metal in your mouth is not harmful, so keeping one of your many metal elements is always an option.

When trying to diminish currents and galvanic toxicity, minimizing and eliminating the electricity happening between metal elements in your mouth is a must. In fact, you will likely experience immediately noticeable changes to your everyday health once taking these actions. Electro-galvanic burdens cause unneeded and unhealthy stress within your body, so removing them will have you feeling light and excellent. Mercury is another factor that makes multiple metal fillings potentially dangerous within the human mouth. As it is a multipotent cytotoxin, mercury can intervene within the primary processes of your body’s cells. Here are just a few of the negative impacts you risk when having high levels of mercury in your body:
Impairment of the central nervous systemGalvanic Toxicity
Impairment of the immune system
Impairment of kidney function
Impairment of fetal development in pregnant women

Common side effects due to mercury toxicity include:

Mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes
Abnormal sensations
Muscle twitching
Muscle atrophy

Should you feel any of the above symptoms and you have not visited a doctor or unable to find the right diagnosis, please consider visiting our office to see if these may be related to silver fillings and mercury vapor release. If you are ready to start looking into your options to reduce mercury intake and oral galvanic currents (or as some dentists like to refer to it, galvanic toxicity) within your body, please contact our team of professionals at Esthetix Dental Spa in New York City. We specialize in providing a healthy and vibrant smile to every patient, and we are passionate about our job!