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Esthetix Dental Spa provides affordable New York tooth extractions for patients experiencing these issues, giving them a relaxed, safe, and comfortable environment. Offering a variety of payment plans and options, we can give you a cost effective way to get the dental care you need. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our five star rated dentists in NY.

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Professional Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is among one of the more common tooth extraction procedures performed across the globe. When they become impacted or misaligned, they can cause pain, swelling and infection in the gums while putting pressure on surrounding teeth. Getting a wisdom teeth extraction from qualified dentists in New York is the best way to mitigate these conditions.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If your wisdom teeth are causing intense pain or need to be removed immediately, get an emergency wisdom teeth extraction from the New York dentists at Esthetix Dental Spa.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Our team of five star rated NY dentists offer affordable wisdom teeth removal surgery to help alleviate your pain and prevent further complications from your wisdom teeth.

No Pain Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Get a no pain wisdom teeth extraction at Esthetix Dental Spa. We consistently provide a comfortable, friendly environment for all of our patients. Schedule an appointment today!

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    Why Consider Tooth Removal?

    Your teeth all depend on one another to maintain their health, improve jaw stability, and hold one another in place. When your tooth is compromised, it can cause other more severe issues within your teeth such as decay and other damage, teeth impaction, and more.

    Avoid Oral

    Getting an infected tooth removed means that you will avoid oral infections and therefore avoid more serious issues they can cause.

    Prevent Misalignment Of Teeth And Jaw

    Having an overcrowded mouth can gradually lead to misaligned teeth and a displaced jaw which can be both painful & uncomfortable.

    Stay Away From Gum Disease

    Gum disease is common among patients, and exercising preventative care is essential to avoiding it which can include tooth extraction.

    Avoid Stiffness, Pain And Swelling Of Mouth

    When your tooth hurts, it can affect your daily life, so having it extracted can help mitigate stiffness, pain, and swelling it can cause.

    What To Expect During Tooth Removal Surgery?

    During a tooth removal surgery from your dentist in New York, the first step of the process includes the administration of a local anesthetic to help reduce discomfort and numb the area. The pain will be virtually nonexistent, and you should only feel a mild amount of pressure as the tooth is being removed. It will only take a few minutes to remove the tooth, making this one of the quickest procedures performed.

    Anesthesia Will Soothe Discomfort

    As with any dental procedure that can be potentially painful, the use of a local anesthetic will help ease your pain and discomfort.

    Painless Tooth Extraction Pressure

    Esthetix Dental Spa provides painless tooth extraction procedures to help ease your discomfort and avoid unnecessary issues.

    Finish Within

    A tooth extraction is a relatively quick procedure that can be completed in one visit and leave you feeling almost immediate relief.


    This is an amazing dental office. They really know how to make you feel comfortable and they ease your worries away. The staff is very accommodating with your needs. I would highly recommend this dental office.”

    Julisa Alcantara, NY★★★★★

    I’m a hater of the dentist…I saw this dentist and decided to give them a try because of the reviews..I just started going to them and my experience with them so far is great…very professional and attentive to your needs. Give them a try. Worth it. And they are very detailed oriented”

    Alison Stoutt, NY★★★★★

    Definitely recommend!!! Excellent service! They care about your dental health. I started my Invisalign treatment in the summer and results are amazing. Everyone is very friendly, you feel at home.”

    Ramy Guzman, NY★★★★★


    Trusted Washington Heights Tooth Extraction Services

    Experienced Teeth Surgery Professionals

    Our team of New York teeth surgery dentists can provide the ultimate tooth extraction procedure to help give you the pain relief and peace of mind you deserve when keeping your oral health intact.

    The Latest In Dental Removal Technology

    Esthetix Dental Spa is equipped with the latest dental removal technology that is state of the art and designed to make your tooth removal quick, painless, and affordable. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

    Comfortable Pain Free Experience

    We know how difficult visiting the dentist can be, which is why we consistently offer a unique, pain free experience for every procedure, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout the process.

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    After Tooth Extraction Care

    Adhering to the proper after tooth extraction care is essential to avoid any complications. Once your tooth or teeth are extracted, there will likely be a small amount of bleeding. This is to be expected, and your dentist will apply a small patch of gauze over the affected spots. Over the next 24 hours, minimal bleeding may occur, but it will soon dissipate. You should change your gauze and follow other post-procedure steps that your dentist has provided to ensure full healing of the tooth extraction area.

    Complete Dentist Instructions

    Once your tooth extraction is performed by one of our five star New York dentists, you will get a complete list of care instructions to follow.

    Steps To Follow After Surgery

    If you have a more extensive tooth extraction performed, it is essential that you follow the after surgery steps to ensure optimal healing of the area.

    Post-Procedure Guidance

    Esthetix Dental Spa is committed to helping you recover as quickly as possible and can offer post-procedure guidance and resources.

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