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The first step of the composite filling process is to numb the area that is affected, followed by removal of any of the decayed portions of the tooth. Once the rotting or decayed portions are removed, a substance will be applied to ensure that the pores of your teeth open up and to also help create a stronger bond with the filling. Using a special light, the bond will be hardened and cured, allowing your New York cosmetic dentist to apply the filling. The composite will harden and the filling will then be smoothed and polished for comfort and to fit your bite more closely and accurately.

Filling With Dental Composite Photopolymer Material

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When Can a Composite Filling Be Used For?

Decayed Tooth

Decayed Tooth (i.e. cavity)

Decreasing The Gap Between Teeth

Decreasing The Gap Between Teeth

Chipped Or Broken Teeth

Chipped Or Broken Teeth

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