dentist washington heights How Can I Get a Diagnosis to Take Care of ALL My Teeth

– not just the ones that hurt now.

When any area of our body feels pain or any sensation, that is often a message.  When it comes to oral health, your body sends many signals.  If your mouth is dry or your breath is undesirable, you may be suffering from an underlying condition.  If you are experiencing teeth grinding or jaw pain, your mouth may need to be aligned.  However, it is best to take care of your body as whole, teeth included.  We all experience tooth aches from time to time (usually at the most inopportune times!) but how can we prevent them going forward?

Why Do I Experience Tooth Pain?

The very first step to treating and preventing future pain is getting down to the root of the problem (when it comes to dentistry, that can be quite literally).  Pain in the teeth is often associated with the nerve roots.  Sensitivity to temperature, usually felt when drinking very hot or cold beverages, is one of the most common complaints.  Discomfort during dental cleanings, or even brushing or flossing at home, can be another key sign.  Pain when consuming food or while chewing or dull, constant sensations of pressure can also all be linked back to the nerves which live deep within the teeth.  

Preventing Future Issues

Like any other medical concern, pain the mouth can lead to further complications if left undiagnosed and treated.  Pain, pressure or discomfort can often be a sign of tooth decay, an abscess, an infection in the gums, over or underbites or involuntary grinding of the teeth.  If these are left untreated, the teeth may experience further decay, which can lead to dangerous infection.  Additionally, your mouth is your way to the world.  We rely on our oral health to eat, speak, communicate and kiss.  Let the dentists of Washington Heights protect all of your mouth’s abilities!

As busy New Yorkers, we know how much time it takes to make a dental appointment and fit into your busy schedule, so we ensure that our diagnosis are not just a temporary solution to your problem.  We evaluate the entire mouth, all structures included, to rule out any findings which may cause pain later down the road.  Call your local dentists, located right in the neighborhood in Washington Heights at  (212) 795-9675 or visit