Things to See Before Going to Dentist in 10033!

Dentist 10033 If you’re in the 10033 area and looking for a dentist, there are plenty of them with different areas of expertise, ranging from general dentistry to spas that have many specialists within the same office space. Those specialists can include periodontists, orthodontics, and their services can include braces of all kinds, dentures and even procedures involving sound. You may arrive early to your destination, so it might be good to look around the area.

When one thinks of New York and tourist spots, many people tend to think of downtown places like Times Square, the Empire State Building, and then even further down, Wall Street and the World Trade Center reflecting pools and Freedom Tower. They may venture a little further uptown to go to museums like the Museum of Natural History. Well, Washington Heights has a bunch of great spots for people to visit. Here are several of them

The Cloisters

The main attraction in the Washington Heights area has to be the Cloisters, bar none. There’s a reason why there are countless class trips taken there nearly daily. If you want to go back in time and see what medieval life may have been like… or just the architecture, then this is the place for you. It’s enough to make you want to don armor and strut around. Well, don’t do that during the summer, since it gets REALLY hot in those suits.

Fort Tryon Park

Manhattanites can have Central Park. Fort Tryon Park is 67 acres designed to look like country estate. The scenery is gorgeous – if you’re visiting here in the Spring or Summer, you’d better bring your phone, since you’re going to want to take a LOT of photos to post on Instagram. Seriously. People are going to be scrolling through your feed: “ANOTHER Fort Tryon photo?”

Morris-Jumel Mansion

This is one of the oldest residential homes, built in 1765… LONG before the word ‘hipster’ became in vogue. Col. Roger Morris, built it, but then he and his wife had to leave after that whole Revolutionary War thing, since they were loyal to the British. George Washington and his army briefly lived in it… so it’s true that Washington DID sleep there.  Later on, Stephen Jumel bought it and his wife became shrewd in real estate – well before Barbara Corcoran. You can see this house and imagine what it was like living there during those times. Imagine – no Internet?

Once you’ve finished exploring that area,you may be hungry. There’s a lot of different places to eat, including Spanish (Manolo Tapas), Latin (La Casa Del Mofongo) and Gaelic (Le Cheile) foods. There’s also plenty of places to drink, including wine (Kazza Wine Bar), Beer (Buddha Beer Bar) and coffee ( Cafe Buuni). After you finish eating and drinking,you might need to have your teeth looked at. Just head on down a zip code to where Esthetix Dental Spa is located: We’ll take care of your teeth – everything from general dentistry to implants to Invisalign to orthodontics. By the time we’re finished, we’ll have your smile brighter than a polished medieval armor suit.