The road ahead for dentistry with Esthetix Dental Spa, Washington Heights, NY It’s hard to believe, but a mere 70 or so years ago, dental technology was basically people putting paste on a stick and hoping for the best. Since then, fluoride was introduced and dental check-ups became a regular thing – along with advances in toothbrush design – including the electric ones that are used today.

Compared to what is in the pipeline, those previous years may seem quaint by comparison. It’s an exciting time for many.

Here are some of the things that people have to look forward to in the future with dentistry.


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is far from the science-fiction realm. It may soon play a large part in the dental field, doing everything from being able to help dentists or specialists spot cavities much more accurately. Dentists look at a lot of X-rays over the course of a day and fatigue can play a part in some missed cavities. AI can tilt the scales in their favor.

Smart Toothbrushes

This can be quite a fun way for parents to teach their kids how to brush their teeth properly. The smart toothbrush will be the next step in the evolution of electric toothbrushes – they will have games on them to help children focus on proper technique and should be able to sense when the bristles are getting frayed and order a replacement head or brush.

Virtual Reality

While this field has been talked about for at least 20 years, the technology and the graphics have been steadily improving over that time frame. Dentists will be able to take an even closer look at their patient’s teeth, even being able to zoom in and even “walk” around certain parts and see what sort of possible decay is occurring.

There are other things on the horizon, ranging from being able to grow new teeth to sensors to new methods of grafting bone, which would be a very large boon to people who are not currently eligible for dental implants due to a lack of bone mass in the jaw.

It would be really interesting to be able to see what dentistry is like in another century. That’s assuming that technology and medicine continues to aim to push boundaries all the time and no plateau or even regression happens.

The staff at Esthetix Dental Spa always loves using cutting-edge equipment daily. They look forward to what the future brings and will be glad to discuss that with patients during check-ups. Call them today: 212-795-9675.