Your Washington Heights Dentists For most, the start to 2018 has been busy, hectic and exciting time!  As local residents of New York City, the professionals at Esthetix Dental Spa know how difficult it can be to find time to attend your annual dental checkup and cleaning.  In addition to finding the time, it is also very challenging for many of us to afford dental care.  However, modern day insurance plans and reasonable self pay rates at our Washington Heights practice makes oral health accessible to all.

Smiles Over Spending

Health Begins At The Mouth

While many of us have undergone changes when it comes to our insurance carriers, either through personal insurance or through plans provided by employers, there are still many plans out there which may be a good fit.  It is important to not only remain compliant by attending your annual physical at your primary care physician, but other services such as dentistry need to be tended to as well.  It is often said by dentists worldwide that health begins in the mouth.  This applies to both physical and emotional health, as our mouths are the gateway to our digestion, speech and expression.

Short Term Cost Vs. Long Term Savings

Many individuals believe that they are saving funds by overlooking a checkup or cleaning here or there, but the reality is that the results can be quite costly.  Studies performed throughout the United States show that patients who do not attend biannual visits often spend more in the long run on more invasive, painful procedures.  An untreated cavity will not only affect the surrounding healthy teeth, but will also lead to complications of the nerves and even tooth loss.  This can lead to costly procedures which will require several appointments.  For example, patients who suffer from tooth loss due to damage to the enamel and decay will be candidates for more involved cosmetic dental procedures such dental implants.

Beyond The Surface

We all strive to have shiny, pearly whites and a beautiful smile, but the secret to healthy teeth lies beneath the surface.  Sticking to a proper oral hygiene routine at home by flossing, rinsing and brushing regularly is a great first step, however, it is important to visit the dentist to make sure that there isn’t any pathology developing below the surface.  Many people suffer from mild, or even severe stages of gingivitis (known as variations of gums disease).  Some feel pain or experience bleeding during brushing, others may be asymptomatic.  The dentists at Esthetix will not only clean your teeth, but they will complete a full comprehensive evaluation of all of your oral structures, including the gums, tongue, rear molars (which we cannot see well in the mirror at home).  This is important not only for our appearance, but also to spot and diagnose any abnormalities or growths within the mouth.  We expose our oral cavity to many different forms of bacteria on a daily basis, so visiting the dentist regularly is your best line of defense!

Don’t overlook your dental appointments! By being consistent with your appointments you can maintain a healthy mouth and save money in the long run! Call 212-795-9675 and make an appointment today!