dentist screening patient for oral cancer

Oral Cancer is any cancer that affects the mouth or surrounding areas. Anyone can get this cancer. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms of it to treat it early before it becomes a bigger problem.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer is any cancer that affects the mouth or its surrounding areas. Annual Cancer Screenings can give you an indication as to if you have any cancer so that you can take proper steps to treat it as early as possible.

Who Is At Risk of Getting Oral Cancers?

Oral Cancer is not only contracted by smokers or those who use tobacco products. While those people may be at increased risk of getting it, everyone should get screened. It can affect everyone. Every dentist should screen patients over the age of 18 during their 6-month visits. Combined with oral examinations, these screenings can help catch the nearly 40,000 annual cases of oral cancer diagnosed in the US each year and help you successfully seek treatment.

How Can It Be Detected?

One of the most cutting edge systems available that can detect cancer is the ViziLite Plus Annual Oral Cancer Screening Exam. The system is capable of detecting cancers that just visual screenings may not catch. Using both an annual scan and visual examinations helps you have the best chance of catching any possible cancers early and treating them successfully.

What Does the Screening Procedure Involve?

Utilization of the ViziLite Plus Annual Oral Cancer Screening Exam along with an oral exam from your dentist can help you complete an annual screening procedure that ensures that you can catch any cancers early enough to treat them successfully.

Does Insurance Cover It?

Yes, most insurance companies will cover your oral screening for cancers each year. However, if you have an insurance company or plan that doesn’t cover the screening, the screening usually only costs about $20. That is well worth the assurance that you do not have cancer.


At Esthetix Dental Spa, we take oral cancer screenings very seriously. We are proud to offer each patient top-of-the-line cancer screening procedures to ensure that they remain healthy in the long-term. If oral cancer is detected, we get equipped with all of the tools to help you treat your cancer and get back to living your life.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us to set up your screening today! We are here to help you look out for yourself. We encourage you to utilize the tools available to you to do the same!