Esthetix Dental Spa clears dental myths in New York Internet search has become so big over the past decade. This is largely thanks to one particular search engine, but others have played a part. People can sit down either at their computers or even with their smartphones, enter whatever they are looking for and then have a mountain of information drop on their heads.

The problem is, a lot of these sites that come back in this search may be of dubious origins. It’s like trying to find one piece of information in a Mount Everest-sized haystack. Blindly clicking on links can lead one down a long path of misinformation.

Even with websites devoted to exposing truths about these falsehoods, there are untruths that resist these efforts… Those myths can extend to the dentist’s office… and listening to them can be quite expensive due to possible dental work being needed down the road.

Here are some of those false statements and the truth:

Flossing Leaves Gaps Between Your Teeth

People may operate under the quite mistaken assumption that sliding the floss between one’s teeth make wind up causing a space to form. That’s not true. Doing this will actually improve their overall oral health.

What’s happening with the flossing is that food particles that are in between teeth are removed. Otherwise they could break down and cause bacteria that can cause decay or plaque on the teeth.

If someone is flossing for the first time in a while, they’re may notice that there is some blood. That’s normal. If they make a regular habit of doing this – i.e. daily – they will see the bleeding stop.

It’s Not Important to Adhere to a Brush Schedule

There are people who operate under the mistaken assumption that they can vary whatever time they brush their teeth each day. That is not true, since certain things happen at different times that make this a bad idea.

When one sleeps, for example, their mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva as during the day. If there are food particles in there, then that can create bacterial breeding grounds that can cause decay.

It’s always best to brush in the morning and before bed. Two minutes each time. Otherwise it can only invite trouble.

Age Plays a Part in Tooth Health

Just because someone becomes a senior citizen doesn’t mean that they are automatically going to have loose or lost teeth. People who diligently brush and floss as children and adults will continue to have strong oral health.

On the flip side of the coin, youth doesn’t guarantee healthy teeth. Twenty-somethings have ignored brushing and flossing and lost adult teeth. It’s all about proper care.

Many other dental myths lurk out there. It’s important to use common sense and also be skeptical about what is on the internet, save for reputable sites like the ADA. If all else fails, asking a dental professional is the way to go.

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