why X-rays are necessary ? Patients generally hate hearing the words before a procedure, “We need to take some X-rays.” Perhaps they think that the previous set of them were taken recently enough. They may be concerned about exposure. The bite-wing may make them uncomfortable.

Whatever the case – the dentist is not entering into this decision lightly. They are ordering that they be done for a reason – and it is in the patient’s best interest to have the X-rays.

This is a short and not totally comprehensive list of why X-rays are necessary.

Ruling Out Other Possibilities or Conditions

When a dentist take a look at a patient’s mouth, it may seem like an open-and-shut case that a particular thing is causing the patient the discomfort that they are feeling in their mouths. That is not always the situation, though.

By using the X-rays, the dentist may see something else is causing the condition – like a larger cavity in an adjacent tooth that couldn’t be seen. Without the X-ray, that other cavity could have worsened and possibly become infected, requiring extensive work and possibly antibiotics.

Searching for Pre-Existing Conditions

There are things that can lurk under the gums and teeth that are undetectable via a regular dental exam. No matter how much poking and prodding that the dentist does, it can only be revealed with X-rays. Like the vast majority of people, dentists do not like surprises, and finding something that was missed during a general exam qualifies as that. The X-ray tilts things in their favor and can prevent unnecessary work.

Able to Diagnose Better

While a dentist may have a wealth of experience, they are still human and want to prevent errors. Using an X-ray will allow them to be able to pinpoint the problem and thus solve it much easier than just relying on their gut instinct.

It is also just a sound medical procedure for them to do this as well. Their patients will know that they are being as thorough as possible and will be ensuring that they have covered every conceivable angle. Also, it may be to prove that earlier work that they did on the patient was not the cause of the patient’s woes.

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