Dental Cleanings

There is often a negative stigma associated with going to the dentist. These negative feelings are often associated with the alleged pain which will be caused by sitting in that infamous dental chair. However, Dr Philomin and his team of professional staff is here to lay that stigma to rest. He uses modern, state of the art dental equipment and technology to show his patients that dental cleanings are now pain free!


Don’t Wait!

There are many errands in life which we tend to postpone. Your dental checkup and cleaning should never be one of them.  Statistics show that over fifty percent of American adults are well overdue for their biannual checkup and cleaning. If it is the pain factor they are afraid of, they must not realize that the longer you wait, the more debris grows beneath the gumline, where the most sensitivity occurs. Additionally, any minor dental problem such as the beginning formation of a cavity, will only worsen with time, as food and bacteria gets caught within the holes of the enamel.


But I Brush and Floss!

Even those individuals who practice proper oral hygiene (brushing, flossing and rinsing with fluoride daily) still must attend their biannual dental cleanings. Cleaning and home and sticking to this routine is a necessity, but does not eliminate the need for a professional cleaning and examination. Although the teeth may look pearly white on the outside, there is a lot which goes on beyond the exterior surface. The back teeth tend to be especially hard to reach, as well as the gums which are not visible to most patients.  It is important to have these areas, as well as the tongue, checked for any signs of oral disease, including gingivitis and signs of oral cancer.


I Don’t Want To Feel The Pain!

Dental Cleanings Even with modern dental technology, which eliminates some of the old-school, painful instruments such as drills, some patients are still more prone to dental pain, especially those who skip dental visits or suffer from underlying pathology. For patients with extra sensitive gums or enamel, it is especially crucial to attend all recommended visits, because any sensitivity can be a sign of disease in the nerve root.


There are several techniques which can be used to reduce pain and discomfort in the dental chair. Many individuals recommend taking a prophylactic Advil, or other OTC pain killer, thirty minutes prior to their visit.


Cleanings are more painful when you postpone them because debris have had more time to build up above and especially below the gum line — meaning there’s more work to do, and the buildup is harder to reach. The dentist and/or hygienist may also offer a numbing supplement, either in a topical gel form or an injection. Desensitising toothpastes are also available and help with teeth which are sensitive when touched or brushed.


Visit Esthetix Dental Spa for your next checkup and cleaning. With the rest of the winter holidays just around the corner, the Esthetix team wants you to be able to enjoy all of your holiday meals and festivities, with a bright smile to bring along!