Do dental implants need to be replaced Do dental implants need to be replaced at all?

We all know how at times, we tend to put off going to a dentist’s office. This can include occasions when, missing teeth, we are inclined to underestimate dental implants. However, one of their greatest benefits is that they require very little maintenance, because they can last up to a lifetime! One of the concerns that many patients have are: Do dental implants need to be replaced? And how often? The answer is next to never!

For adult patients (typically over the age of forty) dental implants will likely not need to be replaced throughout their lifetime. This is because in today’s day and age, a very sturdy, reliable material is used to create the majority of types of implants. This material can resist the wear and tear that comes with all of life’s oral movements, including chewing, grinding, drinking. etc.

Do dental implants need to be replaced? – There is one particular component of the implant which undergoes the majority of the wear and tear and that is called the “crown” or “cap”.  The crown is the most exposed part of the implant and in turn experiences majority of the damage over time, similar to the tires of a car. This is why the crown should be evaluated for replacement every 10 years or so. Your dentist will let you know what condition your crown(s) is in and will suggest appropriate care, so that your eating and speech abilities are never compromised, nor is your smile!

There are some conditions, ailments and illnesses which can cause the implants to require a replacement. These include diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic conditions, which can cause bones to deteriorate. In these cases, it is important to notify your dentist so that they can access your mouth for any potential damage to the implant and surrounding structures.

Patients and dentists alike choose implants as a solution because of their easy maintenance and long lasting reliability. Studies show that over 90% of outcomes have been successful and have not required replacement.