Cosmetic Dentistry New York

Studies show that nearly ninety percent of American adults and over thirty percent of pediatrics have tooth decay or cavities. Back in the day, we would visit our neighborhood dentist to receive a gold or silver filling. Today, cosmetic dentistry new york you have your options. Cosmetic dentistry doctors of New York encourage patients to come in for a consultation, to diagnose, evaluate and come up with a treatment plan for any form of tooth decay or deterioration. They know how embarrassing it can be to have a less than ideal smile and they also know how to change that, in the most pleasant, painless way. Composite fillings are designed to identically match your natural tooth enamel, avoiding anybody from knowing that you had any damage in the first place! They are both aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

Crowns are any form of cosmetic dentistry which the dentists of New York specialize in. They are used to cover the visible portion of the tooth which has been damaged. They must be placed strategically, to prevent any further deterioration or cracking of the enamel. They can even help restore broken or discolored teeth. In some cases, the placement of a crown may require some removal of a portion of a tooth (or several teeth). The procedure specialty, as well as other forms of tooth restoration and preservation are available.

Composite bonding is a less commonly known dental process, which is when Resin (dental material) is used to mold and change the shape of your tooth or teeth. The purpose is to make your overall smile appear more straight and aligned. Additionally, this can improve the color and shade of the tooth which may appear discolored. This is also an easy, affordable procedure for patients who suffer from the chip of a tooth (often after an injury). The beauty of this procedure is not only the results, but also the ease it brings to patients who are looking for a more simple fix than placing a complete set of porcelain veneers within the mouth.

There are many reasons why cosmetic dentistry Washington Heights is New York’s ultimate spot for all varieties of its use. We, at Esthetix Dental Spa, feel that our accessible location, state-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable doctors and hardworking team all come together to provide a comfortable, affordable, and pleasing experience for our patients. From composite fillings to porcelain crowns to teeth whitening, we do it all here at Esthetix!

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