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This Valentine’s Day, make your date fall for you with your very best accessory, a beautiful smile! There are many things we do to prep for the big day, pick out the best restaurant for a candle-lit dinner, shop for the most gorgeous perfume and dress, but many of us tend to neglect our teeth! There is nothing worse than leaning in for that special kiss after a romantic meal, only to find your date has unpleasant breath or stained teeth (talk about a mood killer!) This year, do more than just your average daily brushing, let the smile experts at Dental Spa Washington Heights give you that extra something!

Follow The Steps!

There are a few simple steps which can guarantee your smile success. The very first is an easy one, brush twice per day! The trick is to make sure you have proper tooth brushing technique down (at least 2 minutes, please!), a soft bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste (with extra ingredients for whitening, like baking soda!). Next, make sure you don’t forget to floss!  We know that this can be a pain when you overslept as is and are rushing to make that 9am meeting, but remember the benefits and do it at night! Having tiny food particles stuck between your teeth may seem invisible, but as they grow they will cause unattractive plaque, bacteria, odor and cavities. Lastly, finish off with a rinse!  It will leave your mouth feeling and smelling minty fresh, while fighting plaque and tartar buildup!

Can’t I Just Whiten At Home?

There are many at-home whitening kits which claim to be effective. However, studies show that these effects tend to be minimal (rarely more than one or two shades). Also, many may leave your teeth, tongue and gums feeling sensitive for hours or days. They can also take up to two weeks to see results. Walking around with something stuck to your teeth for an hour a day also isn’t the most attractive look, if you ask us!

Dental Clinic Washington Heights

The professional whitening treatments offered by the doctors at the dental clinic of Washington Heights will have your glowing and radiant in just a couple of hours or less! They use the state of art technology to get rid of dark, unsightly marks and stains on the enamel. Also, they use ingredients which are safe for all of the oral structures and will not harm or sensitize your teeth in any way. Ranked the best dental spa in Washington Heights, they pride themselves on improving smiles for all people, no matter their dental past or issues.  Additionally, they will take the extra step to come up with a customized treatment plan to maintain your white, bright smile for years to come!

Visit or call 212-795-9675 to learn more about the options offered to improve your smile this Valentine’s Day. Also, make sure to book your checkup and cleaning, to make sure your special date enjoys your white smile and fresh breath!