dental implants washington heights Many of us feel self conscious about our appearance.  It can be because of our physical features, such as our weight, our height, our skin, our hair or even our teeth.  Over time, some teeth age better than others.  There are various factors which can contribute to oral health and the appearance of enamel, many of which are well beyond our control.  What we can control, however, is how we improve our smiles with dental implants.

Implants Sound Invasive

When many of us hear the term ‘implants’ we associate this with painful surgery.  On the contrary, dental implants are actually a much easier solution to many of your oral problems.  The process will require a few visits to Esthetix Dental Spa, where our experienced doctors will take impressions and create molds of your mouth, in order to design your customized implant.  This is actually a much easier way to restore your smile or fill in missing teeth, as a pose to removable dentures.

The dentist will begin by placing a custom made implant into the jawbone.  Then, the surrounding structures will form around this implant over a short period time, which is referred to as “osseointegration.”  This process is very important, because it is a form of welcoming the implant into your family of teeth.  It will carefully hold it’s place, to avoid any movement or breakage.

Will I Be Able To Eat and Drink?

Once this step is complete, the artificial tooth, or several teeth, will be carefully placed inside the mouth.  When just one tooth is being replaced, this is referred to as a crown, a very common word in dentistry.  If there are multiple teeth which you will be replacing, this is referred to as a bridge.  No matter how many teeth you are replacing, the material used will be strong and sturdy, just like the bone structure of your natural teeth (but even stronger!) You will have the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages once again!

Is There A Lot Of Maintenance Involved?

During the healing process, or first few weeks following the procedure, patients are encouraged to stick to a diet of soft foods.  Once you have had your follow up appointment, the dentist will likely give you the okay to resume a normal diet.  Cleaning the implants requires very minimal maintenance, as they are brushed right along with your regular teeth!  In some cases, special dental products may be recommended.  Your dentist will design a custom follow up plan, to make sure those pearly whites are shining for a lifetime!

Will They Look Natural?

This is one of the top questions which dental implant candidates ask.  Dental implants are made of very natural looking material and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  There is a tooth to fit every mouth, without anyone even knowing!  Dr Philomin and his team of dentists in NYC will match up the exact shade to your surrounding teeth, so that the implant will blend in and look as natural as possible. Esthetix Dental Spa has totally state of the art dental implant technology and as a dentist in Washington Heights for many years has become a safe haven for anyone in the upper west side or midtown area that need to improve their smile or have healthier gums and teeth. Call for an appointment: 212 – 795-9675