What is Fluoride?

We often hear dental professionals referring to an ingredient called fluoride.  We have also heard of the benefits fluoride brings to the enamel of the teeth.  Children are encouraged to use a fluoride rinse daily.  However, there are many other facts to learn about this fascinating element and it’s benefits.

Where is fluoride found?

Fluoride is found naturally in soil, tap water and even some types of food.  Local water authorities have been adding this element to local tap water since the early 1930’s because it has been proven to reduce the amount of dental cavities and tooth decay in a population.  Studies show that both natural and synthetic fluoride have very strong positive effects on people’s dental health and well being.  Several European countries which do not fluoridate their water supply have up to thirty percent more cavities reported.

flouride benefits: better smile

Young woman brushing cleaning teeth. Girl with toothbrush in bathroom. Oral hygiene.

As we eat our meals, bacteria naturally occurs in the mouth to aid in breaking down sugars to for digestion. The sugars are then formed into acids, which are a prime source of damage to the teeth. Fluoride prevents and reverses this daily process by adding mineral deposits to the portion of your teeth that may have been damaged.

Are fluoride rinses effective?

Fluoride rinses are very common at the dental office and can be purchased over the counter as well.  It is especially important for pediatric and geriatric patients to use fluoride regularly to promote strong, healthy enamel and decrease the chances of decay developing.  Many toothpastes include fluoride as well, it is important to check for this essential ingredient prior to purchasing.

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