What can I eat with dental implants? What Can I Eat With Dental Implants?


So, what can I eat with these dental implants in my mouth? – One of the major benefits of having dental implants is the ability to enjoy your favorite foods again! Often, people are unable to eat and drink what they like or need with compromised teeth. This can cause a social occasion to feel upsetting or frustrating. We all know that food is one of the few things that bring people and especially families together. Have the ability to enjoy all of your culture’s favorite dishes again, soon after the placement of implants.

One of the downsides to traditional removable dentures is that it often affects the way in which you taste your food. With state of the art dental implants, you will have freedom and ability to eat nearly any type of cuisine and enjoy it to the fullest. Additionally, your chewing will not be compromised in any way, as they give your mouth the mobility to chew without any hesitation or difficulty.

What can I eat with dental implants? – It is important to be able to eat all of the foods you were unable to enjoy before. However, since they are technically a foreign object within your oral cavity, it is advised to practice a bit of caution. This doesn’t mean you should limit your diet, just be careful and take your time when biting into hard, crunchy foods.

Sipping on your favorite beverages is another benefit of having the implants. Prior to the placement, you may have felt extreme sensitivity, or even pain, when trying to drink fluids.

It is recommended to stick to a diet of soft food right after the dentist places the implant(s).  Then, your doctor will advise you as to when it is safe to return to your normal, delicious diet!