If you are a parent, then you obviously want the absolute best for your child. Ensuring that your child has the best includes taking him or her for regular dental care. One aspect of dental care that can increase your child’s chances of having healthy, decay-free teeth is having sealants placed. What are sealants? Sealants are thin plastic pieces of material that adhere to the grooves of the teeth.

Where & why are sealants placed on the teeth?

Sealants are normally placed on rear molars and “premolars”, and their purpose is to prevent tooth decay by preventing food from becoming lodged in the various hard-to-reach places between teeth. Premolars are also referred to as first molars, and the “adult” molars are referred to as second molars. It is important to preserve the first molars and ensure that they’re kept in place as long as possible. By taking proper preventative measures and keeping tooth decay at bay, the first molars won’t fall out prematurely. If the first molars fall out prematurely, it can negatively affect the spacing of the second molars, which are, of course, permanent. This could make braces necessary if the spacing is affected.

When is the ideal time to have sealants placed?

Although some adults can have sealants placed if they have no fillings or tooth decay, these protective barriers are usually placed around age 6. Children between the ages of 6 through the teenage years have a higher chance of tooth decay, which can lead to cavities. This is why sealants are ideally placed during this age range.

BeforeAfter-Sealant-Placement_duel-image How long do sealants last?

Sealants last approximately ten years but need to be checked on a regular basis to determine if chipping and other wear and tear have occurred. If there is damage present, then our dentists can easily replace them.

Sealants play a major role in the preservation of your child’s teeth, including both premolars, as well as permanent ones. They can lessen the likelihood of cavities occurring by preventing decaying food particles from becoming lodged in the hidden cracks and crevices of your child’s teeth. Most pediatric dentists will recommend that sealants are placed when your child reaches the ideal age.

Sealants can be installed very quickly and cause virtually no pain for your child, so you can reassure your child ahead of time that there is nothing to worry about. Once your child’s sealants are placed, you will likely notice fewer cavities, as a result, provided you also encourage regular brushing and flossing, as recommended for ideal oral care.

Your child’s future teeth will thank you for providing them with protective sealants at a young age and aiding in good oral health! You can request an appointment for your child to receive sealants by calling Esthetix Dental Spa in New York at (212) 795-9675 or by clicking here!